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The Restaurant

After working in Casa Paloma with the different meat breeds and maturations, we fancied getting into birds world, recreating a French Brasserie…


That is why, just entering chez Cocó you will find “la broche” where our coquelets raised up in freedom won’t stop spinning. Ideal for one diner. From here on the trenched magic on client’s view begins, chicken leg... or breast…?

But, who doesn’t like sharing? You will find pieces for two, three and four diners.

The Black leg from Penedès, the Lumagorri from Basque Country, the Garreta beef, the duck breast or the big Pintada. What is important is to enjoy!


We really liked the idea of a Restaurant where the first impression for the client is to see how everything is cooked in the kitchen and that thigs don’t have to follow an established order. Who cares what came first, the egg or the hen, when what is important is the chicken?

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